Friday, May 04, 2007


We all have priorities. Everybody's list will look different. For us, we spent the past couple weeks getting house-buying paperwork finished. We hope to close next week at the soonest. So, while my priorities are to get the house packed, Jack's priorities are to get his blue water therapy and bring home as many dolphin, wahoo & tuna that he can. He took a crew of coworkers with him out to & beyond the Gulf Stream. I'm so excited as to what he may come home with. He took all that stinky bait out of the freezer because I don't want to have to move it in the weeks to come.

The boys finished up their testing on Wednesday, so we've enjoyed taking the rest of this week to find boxes and fill them. We hit jackpot this morning. Tomorrow is our local homeschooling book sale. (Always a fun event for me - the teacher.)

Yesterday, I helped Jack prepare for his trip. I focused on the cuddy cabin & oil tank. He worked on riggings, rods, reels and those little clasps for holding his trophy flags on the outrigger lines. It is similar to one's putting a ribbon on the mailbox when a woman gives birth. You are announcing to the world that you've got that species in your cooler. The guys have big aspirations of flying multiple flags.

Check back tomorrow to see what the catch of the day is.

Tight lines,


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