Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coconuts on the Beach's Shootout Tournament

Today we attended one of our local tournament weigh-ins. It was so much fun because the crowd size crew as more fish were being weighed in. When somebody would come around the corner with a big tail hanging out of the "official" garbage can, you'd hear "Oooooh".
Here is a combo photo of the Top Slam winners, who were no strangers to winning tournaments. Look at that boat!
Everytime a fish bumped another for 1st or 2nd, a hollering and whistles would erupt.
1st place fish (34.9 lbs) caught aboard Diversion II.
The 2nd place lady was from Team Reel Ladies. We had 2 *Ladies Only" tourney boats today (out of 180 boats registered).
We had front row standing and plenty of 2nd hand smoke. So, we took the good with the bad.

Here is our fishing club (CFOA) President, Walt Eiseman who was in 1st place for a while, then was bumped to 2nd place mahi.

Ashley is the daughter of one of local fishing club members. Chad won aboard the 4C's with a 29 lb wahoo.

Strike Zone was one of the last boats to come in and they did not disappoint the crowd.
I love the bare feet.
Here was another crowd pleaser. Holt to Hole landed this bull dolphin in over 2200 ft of water, which puts them about 70 miles offshore. That is a bit too far offshore for our family, but still very fun.

I think they said it took them over 40 minutes to land this big guy.

All in all, I think there were less than 20 boats that weighed in fish. I'm so glad we chose to fish yesterday.
Have a blessed weekend!

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