Friday, May 04, 2007

Blue Moooooooon

I got the call about 6:15 that the guys were only a few miles from home. I begged for info and there wasn't much said with all their exhaustion. They were out of words. Tomorrow, I'll post more when I hear a full report.

For now, the short report is that the water was like glass, as seen here with the picture of Bill holding Mike's mahi. Mahi actually don't like to feed on a smooth surface. Jack said the morning was slow, but as the wind kicked up, so did the bite.

There was a 2nd very large dolphin that was caught by John and it was quite the fight. They got the fish all the way to the boat side and the line snapped and so it swam off. They were able to see that one enter the spread (of lure/bait choices) and take the bait.
On a 3rd mahi, that one made it into the cooler (making it 2 altogether). I'm guessing this fish to be around 15 lbs. Nice cow mahi mahi. I'm holding it back at the house, but I did not catch it.

Interesting note: They went out to 350 ft of water (approx 40 miles) because it was so smooth in the Gulf Stream. Jack said they saw sailfish several times but none of them were interested in the ballyhoo & assorted lures they were offering. They trolled west-bound back towards land to 130 ft. They saw the most action at 200 ft of water.

Also, this was the first day after a full moon, which may have added to the difficulty of enticing the morning bite. They may have been full from feeding all night long.

I'm adding this last picture to show you the most beautiful blue in the dolphin (mahi mahi). They can change their colors while attacking prey or during the fight. This deep blue is my favorite but I saw a purple spotted dolphin at the tournament that was gorgeous too. This is actually the same skin of the one I was holding in my hands above. From looking up direction, it was lt. green & rather dull. From this top view, it was gorgeous blue. It is a testament to God's perfect camoflague.

Smooth seas,

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Knatolee said...

So many beautiful, not to mention delicious, fish where you are! :) I haven't been fishing since I lived in Nova Scotia in 2003, and that year the last thing I caught was mackerel, which is fine but not very exotic! But I am so pathetic now that I can't even bait a hook, let alone take fish off it. My neighbour (who took us out) did that for me.

I used to fish a lot when I was younger. I don't know waht's happened to me... I've gone totally soft! :) Doesn't stop me from eating fish, though.