Sunday, May 06, 2007

We went to a Nudist Beach!! (We did not see this sign but it was too funny not to include in this post)

Unbeknownst to me, our little afternoon of exploration in the city north of our new home, landed us at a popular nudist, sometimes called "Naturalist" beach.
We're driving along, enjoying the Wildlife Refuge's animals. We saw a beautiful Roseate Spoonbill. (click it.) We saw sandpipers and other skittish birds. We were hoping to see a wild gator, but didn't come across one. We hopped back in the car and see that there is a beach ahead of us. We paid the small fee to enter the park.

We're driving along another few miles (it is very secluded out this way). Our view of NASA's VAB building (Vehicle Assembly Building) is getting better and we're seeing the 2 launching towers. Life couldn't seem more interesing, but I was wrong!

All of a sudden, I'm seeing multiple signs about Brevard County's ordinance for No Nudity. Hmmm, that's funny. I've never seen that at Jetty park or anywhere else we've been. So, I asked Jack about it. He confesses that it used to be a nudist beach but that it isn't any more. I'm totally trusting Jack at this point and so we get out of the car. Everything seems fine. We enjoyed several minutes watching surf fishermen bringing in fish and kids building castles. We got back in the car and several miles later, got out of the car at Haulover Canal to see the Manatee Lookout. As if the manatee were on the clock, he showed up and gave us all a quick show. Granted, not a dolphin (porpoise) or seal show, but a manatee show none-the-less. We hopped in the car and headed home, totally thrilled with our new discovery.

I got on the computer, inbetween thunderstorms, and looked up Playalinda info & photos to write about it, since I didn't bring my camera. Here is a little clip that I found:


At the Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Brevard County, The Central Florida Naturists organization says "The Brevard County anti-nudity ordinance remains (for now) in effect in the face of past and ongoing legal challenges, the strong public demand for nude recreation is still there and the people still come. If you come to Playalinda Beach for naturist recreation, please stay north of crossover 13. You may wish to be watchful for sheriff deputies. However the National Park Service rangers will not ticket you for simple nudity within the traditional naturist area as they do not enforce county ordinances."
In the past, arrests were made here, but recent reports say it's safe now.

It's safe now??!!! ??? Safe for who? Naturalist, I know. But not to safe for 7 and 10 yr old boys who are very curious as to what makes the difference between men and women. I think our wonderful little discovery shall remain a mystery to our family/ boys because I cannot chance them getting full frontal or back nudity. We already have enough excitement with thongs from time to time on the regular beaches. *This* is why we try to do beaches in the off-season. ha ha.

Above is a beautiful arial of Playalinda beach & Atlantic ocean (far right top corner) and Mosquito Lagoon (center body of water). This all lies on the Northern edge of Cape Canaveral.
Take your kids to the beach, but be careful with which one!

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Andy Rayner said...

Hi Robin
Nice pictures of your area. Keep the boys of the "N" beach will ya ;-)

Bets of luck as you guy pack and get ready to move. I'm sure it will be a stressful time mixed with excitement to begin a new phase in your life.
We will be praying for you.
The Lobster catches are about average this year so far. It's been cold all along. But it's finally warming up with a few nice sunny days the last few days. I'm polishing up my 20 foot sea kayak hoping for some time for a run soon. Anyway will run