Thursday, May 24, 2007

Week of May 21-25th

Can you believe we've had 5-9 ft seas for nearly 3 weeks now? Insane, but I have to view it as God's blessing upon us so that we're not tempted to get distracted with house moving & minor remodeling.
Here are some before/after pics for your enjoyment. Tomorrow, we pack up the Uhaul. Our boat has made the trip today and is already nestled nicely next to the house. I will be without internet service until May 30th.

Here the boys insisted they have new paint and so we brought it back to a more manageable blue. That is NASA theme border on top. Yes, we did let them write on the walls one day. The looked at me like I was utterly insane. Make sure if you do this, you prime over anything sharpie. It will bleed through the paint.

Here you see a Lavender hallway bath, shared by the boys. We cannot deal with that, so we brought it back more neutral and will decorate with color in our accessories. On one of the walls, I'll do a 11x14 mural of Mutton & Yellowtail Snapper.
Our LR/DR/Kitchen combo was also much too dark.
Here it is seen with their furniture still in it. The tan wall looks light with the flash and lights on but it is closer to a camel color. The evergreen wall didn't work for us, nor the border.

We went with a Coral Reef blue/green (looks more green than it is). We mounted our Mahi replica onto it. The trim is removed, but it will be eventually replaced with white bead-board on the bottom half to give it that beachy feel. As you can see in the background with the kitchen, we went with a much lighter sand/shell around the rest of the room to allow for colorful accents. Can you see the difference between the original color and the new color? To the left of that cabinet, there is unfinished work.
One of the most dramatic changes was in the master bedroom. It felt like we were entering a cave. I love burgundy, but not everywhere in this huge room.
Again, the doors & trim are not painted white yet.
Here is our Master bath. It needs some serious loving. I don't know who thought pink and evergreen were a good match. Very odd selection. The green is already in the garbage. After we move in, we'll continue next with this room. The color will be the same sand that is in the master. I'd like to eventually put some bead-board in here too.


Sharie said...

Looks wonderful! congratulations, again! Are your arms sore yet??

Connordog said...

Looking good! I can't wait till you are all moved in.