Monday, April 16, 2007

What month are we in??

Not that I'm complaining about a slight chill in the air compared to snow elsewhere around our country, but I feel like I've time-warped back to Feb/March. Wind is high. Lows are in the 40's-60's depending on the night. My orange tree lost all its blooms. We've had some serious wind/rain/t-storms over the past week. It has impossible to get a good day out fishing. (Dad and I in photo)

My parents were visiting Easter week from Georgia. It was gorgeous the day they arrived and we intended to troll the next day for mahi - dolphin. Well, we did do that; however, we hit all 4 seasons in 1 day. The ocean felt like a washing machine and nothing was biting except the small reef fish at Pelican Flats.

(Jack grilling marinated mahi mahi.)

It was nice to have the Seafood Market as Plan B. For 3 days, we ate our fish & their Snow Crab legs, white & rock shrimp.

Tuesday, we hung out around the hotel pool, hot tub and house. My 10 yr old had a competition (public speaking) that night.
Here he is at the podium. He did wonderful while speaking to 100 people about the History of the Boxer (dog).
Wed, the sun came out to play and Dad was game for some inshore fishing. Mom, the kids and I watched them from the beach pulling in whiting and blue fish. We even tried a little kite action but the wind wasn't cooperative. It would go up and then right back down. From there, we hit the pool, hot tub and Seafood Market again. Yum! (Tiny dot in center is our boat.)

Here is mom in the hot tub.

I wish I had a nice one of my parents holding mahi in their hands.
Happy Easter & Spring Break,


Sharie said...

Glad mama and papa got to visit!! And didn't you have a BIG birthday this weekend, too?? Not mentioning that, huh?!? Happy Birthday! Hope your boys treated you royally!

Andy Rayner said...

What a nice post. It must have been wonderful to have Mom and Dad Down for Easter. You dad could be a twin of my S-I-L's grandfather. I can tell he had fun by his smile.

Been Cold here as well. Snow Storm Easter- (1 Foot) Snow storm the following Friday 8 Inches. This week, heavy NE winds 40-50 km and We froze our buns all week working in about 1 degree c (About 33-34 degrees F)getting ready for the launch. The Boat Hauler arrives at 7AM to haul our 45 footer down to the slip.($350 AH!)Anyway, I really wish it would warm up soon.
Have a great day