Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Gift to Myself!

Well, the dolphin, tuna, wahoo and sailfish are all out to play this month. Big brags on a 70# bull dolphin and 100 lb wahoo have all been part of the excitement. In the port south of us, a few guys ran into the perfect debris, holding 35 dolphin & 7 wahoo that went into their fish boxes. I have pictures but it really isn't fair to post them w/o permission.

I have mixed feelings about that though. That is a few hundred pounds worth of meat, maybe divided by 4 people. I don't know about you, but 100 lbs of fish (actual meat) is more than we need for a year's time. It seems like overkill, no pun intended, to take so many fish from the ocean in 1 trip on a reacreation boat. I'm sure I would be boo'd if I put that out there at a CFOA fishing meeting, but I feel comfortable putting my opinions on my blog.

So, we had 2 fishable days this week and why in the world weren't we out there? Simple enough.

We bought a house on Tuesday. Sign a lot of paperwork and again on Wed once the bidding and loan work was done. Plus, our Capt Jack is working on a huge project at work. If anybody is interested, it is a Sigma Six Green-belt project. It's suppose to mean something to the business world, but in big scheme of life & fishing - its one of those things you have to put up with so your regular life can go on. Jack tests Monday and then we're off to inspections Tuesday. Maybe we'll have fishable weather by next Friday. I'm sure we'll be totally in withdrawls by then.

Here are a few small pictures to view. Click if you want to increase size. It has such a beachy-feel to it. We're going to give it a entire new color theme in the house once we close in mid-May. The boys insist the pink bathroom must go!
Happy Fishing!


Sharie said...

That's so WONDERFUL Robin!!! Congratulations! Hope you'll have better neighbors this time! Is it far from where you live now?

Andy Rayner said...

A Huge Congrats Robin and Family.
What a great place to raise a family.
I still think you should launch the boat in the beautiful pool and do a few circles for us all - make a great post :-)
Anyway, it's nice to be King of your own castle. Blessings