Thursday, April 05, 2007

4/4/07 Guys day out!

I'll keep this relatively short. The wind had changed direction and the Gulf stream was much different for the the guys than it was for our family the day before. (pictures of our Tues trip)
The guys had trolled without success for a while, so they headed over to a number to do some bottom fishing. Jack went up a 4 ft wave and crashed down, shaking everything! The cabin door broke loose with hardware falling to the ground, the batteries broke loose from their cables and worst of all, the engine nearly broke off the engine mount. Back out of the Gulf Stream, Jack's coworker ended up taking a dip in the clear water before running back for home. While at the ladder, he notices these cracks!
(Jack holding Tues' 10 lb mahi cow)

They came home in nearly flat seas in a slow & steady fashion. I'm just so thankful that they did not lose the entire engine 30 miles offshore.
My eldest holding the fish at home. Should have used a flash.
Today, we ordered a new part overnight from California. Why overnight? My parents will be here on Easter for the better part of a week and we wanted to treat them to fishing. It looks like tomorrow and Saturday, we will be hanging an engine and changing out the bracket.

Happy Good Friday and have a safe day fishing!

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AJR said...

Is the mount Aluminium or Stainless? Looks Aluminium to me in the photo.
Not sure how much a repair would cost you on that down there. But that could have been repaired easily up here. And I would have had them weld a reinforcement plate on both outside edges as well to strengthen it. If she cracked once like that form one hit – well hummmm I would not trust my life to that at sea.
Anyway, I’m sure time was the issue. But It probably was freak thing. Glad they got in OK.