Sunday, January 07, 2007

1/7/07 Happy New Year!!!

To the left is my baby on NYE, sleeping under the tree. He made a palet on the floor to watch all the ball fall in Time's Square. It wasn't long and he was dreaming of something else.

Well, we've gone from stomach virus to gall bladder attack to the croup & fever in less than a month. The small consolation is that the winds have kept the Atlantic ocean stirred up for nearly all that time.

The kids and I are more than likely still contagious so we stayed home from services today . Jack, however, saw it as an opportunity to call a coworker and go fishing. The best he could hope for were 2-3 ft seas. It was close. The windwave was high and sometimes it went over 4 ft. He took several crashes over the bow but it wasn't anything they couldn't chug out to the Snapper grounds through.

Once they arrived, they were surrounded by countless boats who had navigated through the same chop. In short, they caught multiple black seabass and sent them all back to their homes. Jack caught & released a nice shark. John B brought in a 19" (short) Red Snapper which was released. Then, Jack was honored with the only 1 keeper Red Snapper before they gave up and came home. (Fresh snapper filet, seasoned in a fry pan sprayed with Organic Olive Oil.)

Both Jack and John were green with nausea. Jack doesn't normally get seasick but he said a lot of his was from breathing the carbon monoxide fumes from the engine staying in reverse, trying to hold position. I can tell you, it will make you sick to your stomach.
(The first side is cooked to pefection. Slight flakiness. Nice crust.)

Capt Jack fileted the snapper immediately and cooked up a large filet for his late lunch. The kids and I will be eating ours for dinner.
Here was his lunch - Fish, salad, green peas.

Tight lines and following seas!


Sharie said...

Adorable New Year's Eve pic under the tree! And the fish looks yummy...the cooked one, that is! The "just caught one" makes me squeamish. Sorry to hear of the illnesses...ugh!!

AJR said...

Nice post Robin & Jack.

The meal looked scrumptious. Nothing better than fresh fish, eh? At least in my book.
So you are all getting over your sicknesses it seems- That’s great new to hear.
Tell Jack that a sick family on Sunday is not an acceptable excuse to go fishing.................for women..............................but it's a mighty fine excuse for men. :-)

As for sea sick. You know when I was a kid, the same age as boys, I was sea sick all the time for the first 4 years.
I still have to be careful what I eat when the seas get over 8 feet.
It's one thing to stand there in that weather. But having to run around, twist, turn, and work in - makes one dizzy pretty quick.

Never forget the day we tool my MIL out. We had been trying to get out for about 1.5 days. We checked again, and we hit a sea at the harbour that came over the top of our 45 foot boat and spilled so much water that a fish tank behind the cabin filled and was flushed to the stern of the boat and was floating in the water back there.
My MIL had big eyes then. I don’t think she ever came to sea with us on a nice day.
11 weeks to herring fishing season here.