Sunday, January 21, 2007

1/21/07 Ocean's Deadliest

Tonight is the tribute to Steve's last mission of showing the Ocean's deadliest animals. Sadly, his mission to expose the deadliest proved to be to his undoing.

It's been a few months since Steve passed but we still miss him. I saw Terri and Bindi do a couple of interviews this week for G'day America. We also watched his show "Tigers of Shark Bay" where he gets in the water with a Tiger Shark. Definitely unfair to the shark to be tailroped for an interview but at least Steve had good intentions of promoting conservation and then kissing the shark good-bye.

As for our family, it looks like Wednesday may be the next available fishing day, if the winds stay low for a few hours. Jack has spent much of this weekend changing out the drain plug and filling all the cracks, dents and holes in the fiberglass. He's doing a great job and then left white primer on the area until we can paint the hull.

Kiss a shark


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