Saturday, December 30, 2006

12/26-7th/06 ??

We drove down the Bee-line and headed out to the port in sunshine but upon sitting at the docks, we saw this coming our way.

It did sprinkle and kick up some wind-wave, as we huddled inside the cuddy while still tied down. After it passed, we made it out a few buoys before coming right back in. Somedays, it is better to stay home and stay WARM! I was in shorts but freezing.

Here I am with our little crew, coming back into the inlet.

By the way, on the 28th, Jack tried again to get offshore with his coworker and did not succeed. They tried for flounder a couple hours back by the lockes with no success.

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AJR said...

Is the Fish with the red tail & Yellow fins a Snapper as well? Your Dec 28th post.
Lynn would like him for our 55 Gallon Aquarium I’m sure. Anyway, no fishing up our way – Frozen rivers, and icy sea. In about 3 more weeks we will not see any open water to the naked eye. Ice.