Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16/07 Grooooooooper!

They fished east of Pelican Flat and worked their way eastward towards 21 & 27 F. They pulled up hundreds of short Amer Red Snapper and Blk Sea Bass. My sweetie kept 3 fat sea bass for me. The seas were 3.6 ft but at 10 second periods which made for swells. (29 mph ride out and 33 mph ride in) Inspite of the nice swells, Bill was seasick - violently. So, Jack thought they should pull lines and head back closer to shore & calmer seas. Before he could hit full throttle, he picked up a little ledge on his fish finder. He yells, DROP! Six seconds later, Bill gets taken for a thrill-seeking ride while puking. Poor guy! I think it was worth it. Bill is shown above with his 30.4 lb WARSAW GROUPER!!!!!

Kudos to the Captain for finding the fish and delivering the "goods". More kudos to God for blessing him because we were seriously thinking of selling the boat to doing our fast-track Total Money Make-over (going debt-free). I just don't think this is one thing we can part with.

I took this picture of inside the Grouper's mouth. See the carpet bed of teeth??

You should NEVER put your fingers inside the mouth of an oceanic fish.

They have TEETH!!!

Our favorite family quote while fishing, "You can't catch a grouper sitting on your pooper." Now you can see why!


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