Saturday, January 27, 2007

1/27/07 Skunked!!!

We saw a decent color-change and weedline about 2 mi off the beach and then again another one about 45 ft of water. (3-4mi?) Lots of debris. Lots of weeds. About a handful of small tripletail that were extra spooked. No cobias. We even tried a couple casts at the jetty rocks with no success and so we came home empty-handed today.

The sky was beautiful about 75% of the time and when the sun was out, it felt hot. The rest of the time, the wind kept us on the chilled side.

Here we thought we had a large tripletail holding under the water. Instead, what we had was some large piece of plastic. There is my little guy checking it out.

We will probably be out for bottom fishing mid-week if the weather holds. Tuesday night, my boys will give their speeches for County Events. My eldest is giving a demo on Lures & Baits.

Happy Fishing,
PS: Edited to add that a few fishing reports are coming over the internet and I am seeing that many boats were skunked. I don't know where the cobia went. They were out the past couple of days and now gone. Oh well, we will try again later.

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