Friday, June 09, 2006

6/7/06 - Offshore swim with family!!!

I'm a couple days behind in reporting but here it is. We took my sister, her husband and the cousins through the locks to see manatee and dolphin. A manatee did show up and passed our boat slowly. It was such a thrill for our cousins to see. While we saw rescued ones at Sea World, it was their first time experience for a wild one. We watched 'Barbara' eat the sea grass around the locks.

Next, we looked around for tripletails under floating things but none were out that day. So, we headed out 6 miles east of the port to beautiful blue water and NO STRUCTURE. That is the key. We wanted to be over sandy bottom where nothing was 'hanging out'. One by one, we all jumped overboard with our lifevests on. My brother-in-law said the current wasn't bad and it wasn't. Nice for swimming alongside the boat. We did put out the anchor bouy and some line in case somebody drifted too far or got in trouble. One adult on the boat always kept an eye out for anything swimming around or if somebody drifted off too far. The older kids decided it would be a blast to jump off the side of the boat. I did it once too. That was a wonderful way to cool off.

Then, we headed back in to make use of those shrimp in the live well. We anchored close to shore a few minutes and then backed away a little to the 20 ft reef line. 'M' caught & released a bonnett hammerhead baby. The water was a bit choppy and we had a few kids & my sister not feeling so well. We motored over to the South Jetty rocks and anchored again. Again, 'M' caught something in the large grunt family which found it's way back home in the rocks. By then, it was after 6pm, it seemed like a better option to head back in to the dock and get cleaned up for dinner.

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