Monday, June 19, 2006

6/18/06 Father's Day for Jack

I have to say that it was a rather laid back day. Jack worked through his entire weekend to cover somebody else's vacation and his only free hours of awake time were Sunday morning. We gifted him with cards and the boys picked out a new heavy-duty hose to wash the boat down. Our former hose had succumb to the pressure of summer heat.

I wanted to get Jack lures but we had just done that at Bass Pro Shop in Orlando during our vacation, so mostly it came down to the fact that he simply wanted some family time. And we did.... We watched our ol' favorite fishing shows early Sun am as the rain turned on/off. We played hookie from morning service to watch the MadFin Shark Tournament in the Keys. When that was over, we had Wahoo, lightly breaded & fried along with veggies. As soon as lunch was over, the Capt had to head back to sleep.

I spent a lot of my day cleaning and then went on to evening church.

Today, we had the leftover Mahi we thawed but didn't need yesterday. (the fish that we caught as a team effort back in May) Again, we had it lightly breaded in Italian breadcrumbs and then pan fried in olive oil. Corn and fries as sides. Dip the fish in either marinara or sprinkle with lime juice (or do both). Yummy!

We made a decision at lunch that we need to get back on the water as soon as the seas permit and then restock the freezer with more fish.

Jack w/ boys & blue fish caught in the surf '03.

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