Friday, June 16, 2006

6/16/06 River Report

We had one of those 'doh' moments while getting ready to sink the boat in at the docks. We left the engine key at home. Now, we have 2 sets and both are sitting together at home on the key keeper. Ugh! Sooooo, now we have one set in the Suburban and one at home. Why have we not done this before?

We got the keys and decided not to haul the boat all the way back to the port but instead stop mid-way, to the Banana River. We had some dead shrimp (no live available) and hit a few spots under the bridges and by the locks.

I caught the first, biggest and most today. LOL! I caught one juvenile whiting about as long as Jack's hand. Silly fish. We did enjoy a wild dolphin show. They were out in force feeding this afternoon. The river was very clear. Nice. (Sorry, no pictures)

A man in a river charter business showed us his secret of calling the wild dolphins to the boat w/ a dead mullet. They came right to him and took the fish. Wow! After he left, the dolphin came near us to see if we had anything and then left.

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