Monday, June 12, 2006

6/12/06 Alberto's here, Mangrove trip & Monster Wahoo!

He's a bit early but we're ready for the rain after a very dry spring. It looks like our area will get 20-40 mph winds and 2-3" rain. I am welcoming the relief from the heat as well. It has been sweltering here. We will also begin to clean-up the playroom/school room. It has taken quite the beating this past month of vacationing.

I also wanted to post quickly about Jack's offshore trip on Saturday night Moonlight Mangrove trip 6/10/06. Many of the men/captains from his fishing forum left out late morning to noon for some easy trolling (dolphins) in the afternoon before anchoring up at dusk. Seas were building to 3-4 ft, short sets (time between wave peaks). NOAA predicted 2 ft seas all day. *They were WRONG!* On the radio, Jack reached some other captains and they had reassured him it was the sea breeze and that it would relax by nightfall. About 7pm, there were some occassional 5-6 ft waves thrown into the mix and Jack called the trip off. The First Choice (our boat) took many crashes of water over her bow and all the men were well-soaked even with the eisenglas curtains up. (clear plastic windows) They were back at the docks by 8:15 and I helped unload the boat in the driveway at 9:30pm. Good call. During dinner, I saw the first reports of Alberto coming as well. So, the boat will be sitting for a while until everything passes.

Some of Jack's friends stayed out to Mango fish the full moon but the bite was non-existant. One man got a few Red Snappers in 60 ft of water and came in relatively early. Another lost an anchor & chain.

I did want to leave you with one picture. Friday afternoon, somebody landed this 100 lb Wahoo on 8A reef. The Port record is 105 lbs.

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