Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6/24/06 IGFA Museum and Hall of Fame

The boys and I at the front entrance.

Here are our day trip pictures to the IGFA Museum down in Ft. Lauderdale. I may break this up into a couple day's worth of stories and pictures because there won't be any fishing pictures for a few days. We've had high seas and plenty of afternoon thunderstorms.

They had plenty of photo opportunities in the lobby. Here is a picture of me with little M in front of a record marlin. To the right top corner, you can barely see the original picture that this replica was taken from. To my left was the actual fishing shirt of the man that caught this fish.

In the museum, they have replicas of the record fish that have been caught. Each species is represented and directly below them are the names of the people that caught them, what year caught in, what type of tackle and exact weights.

For example, that yellow fish to the left (mahi mahi) was the largest phin (46ish lbs) caught on 4 lb line. I'm sure there is a larger one for stronger test line, but this still is an impressive feat.

Later that afternoon, they were setting up tables in this room for a wedding reception. I'm sure it was a lovely reception.

Off this main room were smaller rooms with different interests to fishing. This next picture is a photo of a piece in the trophy room. It was stunning to see in person. I didn't catch the artists name but s/he did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the sailfish. You can see some other trophies in the background.

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