Sunday, May 07, 2006

5/7/06 Golden Finch

Today, Jack took a fishing friend, Terry, out to search for more Mahi. The seas turned from 1-2 ft to 4-5ft in a couple hours and the fish seemed to have all disappeared. It was a blessing just to have come back safely as the water was splashing over the bow (front) and the following seas were pushing them deep into the water. Jack was very glad the boys and I were not with them.

Anyhow, it still turned out to be an interesting day - it ALWAYS is. The past few times we have been out, we see these small finches circling our boat. They do not fit in the water bird category and we figured they were migrating - or lost in the migration. So, today, these little bird were so exhausted that they decided to take refuge on the boat. For wild birds, they were very tame (or too exhausted to care). One sat on Jack's shoulder like a parrot. This little guy was on the boat dashboard and Terry put a finger out. He jumped right onto it. Also, he spent quite a while on Terry's hat. For Terry, it was a special moment because he believes that birds are angels.

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