Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5/30/06 Vacation Time

Where else would a homeschooling, fishing family like to vacation???

Sea World, of course! This will be our 3rd annual trek over to Sea World with various family members. I captured this photo last year at the feeding tank. My eldest on the left and my youngest on the right. I entered this photo in the local Fair and it won 3rd place for human interest.

I got smart and this year bought the Fun Cards so we can visit any time this whole year. I'm excited to know we can return back in the Fall when other kids are in school and the crowds will be down.

When we get back from Sea World, the rest of our week with my sister's family will be spent doing some inshore trolling for Kingfish, Spanish Mackeraels, Barracuda and Shark. I'm really excited since we've never trolled inshore but a lot of people are successful at it. Kingfish are known to love combing the beaches for food. Tarpon are also passing through, so that is a remote possibility too. Last year, the 3rd week of May, we landed in the middle of a school of feeding tarpon which was amazing to have 50-100 lb fish popping up all around your boat. We didn't know how to fish for them at that time. They are strictly a catch/release type of fish. If we come home w/ Kingfish, we can smoke it and make dip out of it.

My sister, myself and our kids posing with a patient Clydesdale.

A most unhappy Shamu Splashzone kid.

This one was thrilled to be soaked in 50 deg saltwater. This portrait won me 1st place at the Space Coast Fair last Fall (adult division). Maybe I should enter his brother this Fall.

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