Friday, May 19, 2006

5/19/06 4 Guys & a Mahi

The short story is that seas were 4-6 ft heading out of the Port. I have never been so glad to get bumped for a later date. I do not *do* 4-6 ft seas. NOAA forecasters were still calling for 2 ft seas all day, but Jack said it was for only a brief time when the wind had changed directions.

They tried some bottom fishing. One guy was very seasick. By lunchtime, they went back to the original plan of trolling. First knockdown produced a nice 10+ lb mahi/dorado. The guys played a lot of tricks on each other as somebody would fall asleep. (They are all night-shifters.) I'm so glad I wasn't there. An hour later, another line popped off the rigger. This time, Brad got to fight a nicer 20 lb mahi bull. Jack says the fish made about 10 nice leaps out of the water. Then, the next sentence was that he got off. Ugh. This is how it is with mahi because of their aerobatics.

It wasn't a total skunking but because the seas were awful, we have decided to cancel tomorrow's trip as well. Good luck to the guys fishing in the tourny tomorrow.

Above is Jose with the mahi. To the right, Bill with mahi.

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