Thursday, May 18, 2006

5/18/06 A way to a fisherman's heart

Friends of ours from church are also into making dreams of homes come true. She is a mortgage broker. He is a realtor & business owner. They both love to fish and boat. They both love Jesus and the church. It is a friendship we hope to grow. Today, we took the next step. We had 'her' get us pre-approved for a home. 'He' will help us find a home (we hope). We were so busy between my dr's visit and Jack's finishing the installation of the radio & antenna, we missed her call. A few hours later, his Dad shows up on our doorstep with a gift bag. It was most thoughtful. My 6yo was too excited to wait for Daddy to wake up, so he opened it. It was an Ilander blue & white trolling lure - the BIG one. On the card inside, it read, "Enjoy your day of fishing tomorrow and relax while we take care of everything." I must say, it was a great gift. We should have been the ones giving her a gift for working on our pre-approval loan papers. Anyhow, it is the sign of a true fishing friend and a way to win Jack's business.

Be sure to check back on Friday and Saturday nights for fishing pictures. I was bumped from Friday's trip so that Capt Jack could take friends out for 'one last trip' before one of them moves away. It turned out to be great for us since my eldest is limping from a pulled leg muscle (duck, duck, goose) and I've got plenty of catching up to do around the house.

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