Saturday, May 13, 2006

5/13/06 Bye-bye Swingset

A piece of history is nearly gone. Our boys have had their swingset for 5 years and I'm afraid the joints are stressed & beginning to breakdown. Some of the wood is starting to split from the swinging motion. It will be so hard to say good-bye to our swingset. We already had to say good-bye to our above-ground pool last summer. Between the sun, rain and hurricane winds, it is hard to keep the yard 'toys' in good shape.

Here is a picture, taken today, of the boys with our neighbor (R).

On a fishy note, we bought some trolling lures today at WalMart. One had feathers on it, the other looked like a baby Mahi. We nearly took the boat out on the river for a family ride. With gas being high, my health not happy, and Capt needing to catch up on sleep, it seemed like a better choice to get Chinese food and movies. I also took the time to fertilize & water my citrus trees while the boys played some softball.

Also, somebody entered the picture of my oldest son holding the Mahi in the same "Picture of the Week" contest that I was in last month. He has stiff competition with a man holding a 29 lb red snapper. That is quite a big fish.

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Anonymous said...

i love the pic of the boys. it's great. aunt christeenyweeny.