Wednesday, March 08, 2006


First, let me say that seas went up to 9.5 ft but are settling back down in the 5 ft range and should be perfect by weekend for the FSFA/CFOA Cobia Fun-A-Ment. (Tournament) We are seeing cobia, large ones, being reported with some frequency in our deeper waters (65 ft). It is really fun to spot mantas & cobias right off the beaches though. To me, sight fishing is exciting because you never know exactly what you'll see if you slow down the engines, find the highest point on your boat to stand on and look. I have found the world of fishing to be highly educational to our sons. There are more things to see in a single day on the water than a classroom could ever teach. This is where memories are made. Some people spend hundreds of dollars and wait an entire lifetime to see a whale. We are fortunate to have them in our own backyard.

I hope the original photographer from the Florida Sportsman Forum doesn't mind me using a copy of his whale photo here.

I would really hate to miss the spring Cobia migration because of wind.

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