Monday, March 13, 2006


Finally, they are here and they are hungry and they are in very close to shore!! It is still a bit sporty out of Port Canaveral for the smaller boats but from what I hear, the water is full of the beloved 'brown terds.'

This is a great time of year for fishermen to get their wives hooked on fishing because you can wake up late, catch a nice tan, not go very far offshore and these fish have a lot of fighting stamina. Cobias will make a few runs away from boatside and unfortunately, many have been lost boatside. Legend has it that a cobia saves plenty of fight for once it is in the boat so get it straight into the cooler and then sit on the lid. You can always remove the hook afterwards. Oh and be sure it is legal size first!

Terminology class here: a cobia too small to keep is called a 'short or shortie'. A cobia in legal size is a 'keeper.' A cobia that needs two gaffs to haul it over the side (50+ lbs range) is called a 'slob'. A monster cobia that recently got away from an internet fishing friend was nick-named Mario. We may have added a new lexicon for the one that got away to become 'Mario.'

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