Friday, March 10, 2006

3/10/06 Banana River & Shrimp Whispering

Well, several folks enjoyed windsurfing in the river today. They do look like they have fun. We also enjoy watching the guys with the parachute w/ boards strapped to their feet. Some days, if we have time in our day of errands, sometimes we'll pull off the side of the causeway to watch them.

Banana River was very brown/green with 2-3 ft chop in the open areas. We tried to find a cove and throw some live shrimp out on a hook but only caught one small trout for our efforts. Mostly, it was a picnic day and then we headed back home after barely 4 hrs.

Upon washing the boat and cleaning the live-well, Jack had one shrimp escape down the hole that would normally head out to sea. Somebody forgot to tell the shrimp that he was heading towards the driveway. I got the hose ready for Jack to flush the 'tube' in the livewell. I waited and waited for Mr. Shrimp to pop out the hole on the side of the boat. He never did come out that I could see. Does anybody have a number of a good Shrimp Whisperer? We all tried our best to get him out, but I'm afraid he's stuck or holding for dear life. Here is Matthew practicing his Shrimp Whispering skills. Even our boxer tried Whispering to shrimp but it tickled his nose.

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