Monday, March 27, 2006

3/27/06 Withdrawl Reflexions

I am in true fishing withdrawl at this point. It has been 25 days since I've been on blue water and seen something on the end of my pole, which I might add is probably starting cobwebs on it. I think the only thing that has helped was that we went to the beach 14 days ago and got my sun fix. No, no, no.... I don't do sun worshipping, better known as laying out or tanning. However, I do feel much better when I get a good dose of sun & the vitamin D it produces. Fishing is also my form of escapism from the home. I truly love being a stay-at-home & homeschooling Mom, as well as Sunday School & Team Kids teacher at church - don't get me wrong. My life is filled with joy & laughter from living with big & little men. I cherish the freedom I have to school my children at home and teach them about Christ & the Bible. I wouldn't trade my life for anybody else's. However, when I stand on the bow of our boat, feeling the warmth of the sun & wind passing over me to cool me down, I feel GOOD. I feel free from the world & the cares of this world. No phones, no tv, no computer, no nosey neighbors (most the time), no washing machine, dishes or ironing or homeschooling to do, plus 100% time with my family making memories. Many times we pray for safety the day before or that day, then we give praise to God for our catch & good times and thank Him again once we're back on dry ground. I never take for granted our safety. Afterall, we're miles offshore, surrounded by water filled with energy (waves) and fish big enough to swallow us whole.

Then, there are the summer storms. Below is a picture of the day that we decided that we needed a different, bigger boat. It had been very hot & sunny all morning, which lead to the infamous Florida Thunderstorm. We raced back as quickly as we could only to find ourselves meeting with the center of the cell. We contacted Coast Guard to give us guidance. We came as close to shore first, then followed up the coastline. Meanwhile, we could see lightening hitting the dock area. It was scary even with the boys & I in the cuddy and Jack getting pelted by rain in his wet gear. By the time we were inside the inlet, the rain had let up & lightening was nearby but not directly upon us. It was time to get a bigger boat, bigger cuddy & faster engine. Of course, I think being naive didn't help us either. We may wait it out offshore, if possible, next time.

Today the waves are still in the 4-5 ft range at 20 nm (nautical miles) offshore. We are still hoping that the weekend will bring them down to safe boating opportunities for our family. March came in like a lion and it looks like it will be going out like one too.

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Renee said...

You make me want to go fishing!

Love YA!