Monday, March 06, 2006


First off, the Cobia Fun-a-ment was a No-Go for last weekend; however, it will be on for this coming weekend. Captain's meeting Friday the 10th, then tourney on Sat & weigh-in on Sunday.
The smaller cobias are beginning to free swim on top of the water. This is part of their migration route. They are heading north for the summer, following the 70 degree water. Sometimes Cobia will follow on the backs of Manta Rays and sometimes they will hang on wrecks for a while. However, when the weather is perfect, you'll see them swimming on top of the water. If they're not shy from seeing jigs yet, they'll eat a nice yellow jig tipped with squid. Here is a pic from 2005 of the Captain w/ a small cobia on.

Also, a fishing friend saw the Northern Right Whale just off our port on Thursday.

Secondly, the weather was perfect out of Port Canaveral yesterday and today. We had to post-pone our trip out because the Captain had to see the chiropractor today. We are just praying that the weather will settle back down in time to head out around Friday (pre-tourney). Since we are not competing, we like to stay away from the tounament action. Our ramps are hectic enough on the weekends! The local dockside restaurant, Grills, sits adjacent to the ramps and many folks stand on the back porches heckling the boaters for lack of skills shown at the ramp.

When the ramp is very wet, tires smoke and skid and then the crowd gets loud. I've seen men so nervous that they leave their parking break on. Some people refuse to use the ramp closest to the restaurant. I don't like to because it is steeper but I really don't like onlookers even though we're a team on the ramp.

One weekend, we saw divers down at the Kelly Park (river) ramp. We hung around to be nosey and watched them pull a brand new truck and boat trailer out of the water. It was coming out on its tires but sadly, it fell back down, readjusted itself and came out on the roof. SO SAD!

This is the second time we've seen something like this. The other time was in Jacksonville, FL. It is the very reason why I leave my children with Jack in the boat.

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