Thursday, March 26, 2015

OFFSHORE- 3/21/15

by Robin

We barely got out of the inlet and came across large schools of Spanish Mackerel eating some type of 4"-ish bait fish

I should have taken video because the camera could not catch all the fish jumping out of the water.  Too unpredictable.

 photo DSC_0002-1_1.jpg

Jack has one on the line!

 photo DSC_0014-1.jpg

And another!

 photo DSC_0012-1_1.jpg

We kept 6 in all and then kept going.  These were really nice size Spanish Macs.  Too bad we don't really love eating them.  I guess that's why there are so many out there.  Very oily.

Portuguese Man O'War Jellyfish

 photo DSC_0031-1_1.jpg

Jack's double-header... with a single hook!!   (And a remora chasing it up from the bottom!)

 photo DSC_0065-1_2.jpg

Look closer!  Jack doesn't even need a hook.  LOL   Caught him by the spine!

 photo DSC_0065-1-2.jpg

My trigger.  I think I caught about 3 of these.  Whereas, Jack seem to catch all the Lane Snappers.

 photo DSC_0041-1Rob.jpg

Oh, and you can see a couple Porgies in the box too.  Overall, beautiful day out there and plenty of fish to catch.  We did catch many red snappers and threw them back.  We had friends catch a couple mahi at 130 ft.  They're showing up early.  Next trip, we may go ahead and troll.

 photo DSC_0127FishBox.jpg

Fish box!

We did a little bit of looking around for manta rays and cobia but didn't see any.  We did come across this small school of dolphin on the way back in.

 photo DSC_0110-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0115-1.jpg

Some joined us at the bow of the boat, but only for a minute or less.

 photo DSC_0095-1.jpg

I was working on this photo and noticed that the dolphin has a small wound on the tip of his dorsal fin.  Poor guy or girl.

 photo DSC_0099-1.jpg

Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures.

Happy Fishing!

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