Thursday, March 12, 2015


by Robin

We're hoping to head out this weekend.  Not sure which port we will go out of but I researched and found this link.  If we see a NRW, we will be sure to report it, but stay very far away from it.  I have my new camera and telephoto lens.  :)

I sure hope that many more calves will be born this year and help to repopulate the ocean.

(Photo from 2009)

Here is the blog to follow:

Northern Right Whale sighting & reporting

"The 2015 right whale calving season is off to a slow start in Florida. So far, only 14 right whales have spotted in the southeast U.S., including 2 calves. The numbers are low compared to previous seasons because the aerial survey teams (only two this year) have met poor weather and had to cancel many flights."

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