Friday, August 09, 2013


by Robin

I've been working towards two goals this week.  Trying to make certain that all my ducks are in a row for school starting the week after vacation AND trying to get on vacation.  Not an easy feat, nor one I will do again to myself any time soon.  That was a little too much put into one month!

Anyhow, here are just a few of the things I did to check off some things on the list to get out the door.

* shop in bulk for snacks and drinks
* dremmel dog toenails and give them flea meds
* hair cuts for all, pedicure for me, color hair (because there is nothing worse than seeing gray roots in all my pictures!
* laundry, dishes, yard cutting, ironing, more laundry
* packing suit cases (Technically, the boys did their own.)
* make sure pool chemicals are right & pool treated before we go
* have various critter sitters lined up, folks to watch house, take in mail, etc.
* clear off all cameras, charge all rechargeables, find cords to charge things
* make more lists
* gather together salt, pepper, dish towels, soaps, meds, shampoos, griddle, blender, etc.
* get papers to the printing services for Civics class, buy books, give books to friends, etc.
* more laundry, pack bathing suits, sunblock, bug spray, first aid
* sort snorkel gear and make sure everyone has their individual grab bags marked & ready to load on boat
* garbage out!

And so the list goes....    Jack has his own lists pertaining to boat, truck, tires, engines, batteries, coolers, ice, etc.

BUT, here is a going away picture I leave you with.

I'm so in love with this area.

 photo 100_5996SpringsEntrance.jpg

Happy Scalloping,

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