Saturday, August 03, 2013


by Robin

We're down to crunch time and making final purchases before we head off on vacation.

This is certainly not everything but we're tackling
- snorkeling gear
- running boat & refill oil
- tire condition & pressure

 photo 100_6098Sm.jpg
(Who remembers last year's trip??  God blessed us with tires that made it back and then revealed they were shredding & losing air.  A miracle for certain!)

- grease wheel bearings
- shop for cases of water, soda, chips, canned fruit

Hotel reservations are confirmed and we put in our order for a certain room with good access to water & dog accommodations.  Dogs love vacations too.

 photo DSCN0302Tikiwet.jpg

Of course, we need plenty of coolers for these gems.

 photo DSCN0326scallop1.jpg

We also bought a shop-vac to vacuum all the guts out and leave the meat for easy removal.

It won't be long now!
Happy Scalloping

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