Tuesday, July 17, 2012


by Robin

Jack said something very interesting this weekend.  Fishermen become near-professional weathermen.  It's true.  We watch patterns.  We know good websites to watch.  We watch more than temperatures.  We also watch wind speeds, wind direction, waves, moisture in the atmosphere and trends.

I am encouraged that the chances of rain & thunderstorms is trending down to 10% for the weekend off the west coast of Florida.  I think there may be a good chance of us being able to fish offshore there and spending the night out there safely.  Then, we'd come back in the next couple of days for scalloping & diving the springs.  Praying for good weather.

Speaking of praying, it's time to pray about sleeping on the boat.  Many folks think I'm fearless because I fish offshore.  That's easy.  My fear begins when it gets dark and I'm still on water. When Jack said we'd spend one night on the water (probably buddy boating w/ coworkers out there), the kids laughed at the face I made.  Each detail made my face contort in stranger and stranger configurations.  They laughed at it, but when I got behind closed doors, Jack said that if I have fear, I need to not show it and stand courageous.  I told him, with a straight face, "I have no courage.  Really, I don't!!"   I really don't like to hear the little water noises or when bait fish splash around the boat and I'm floating in the dark.  It's probably some primal fear coming out in me, like the one that makes me cry on roller coaster rides.  I'm a cautioned calculated risk taker.  I have no idea where I'm going to muster courage up to enjoy a night offshore on the boat.  

I will continue to read God's comforting words and pray about this.  I'm looking for that sense of peace.  I know Jack would never put us in jeopardy no more than Father God would.

On the upside to this, we should be blessed with really nice fishing overnight.  The bite gets very good in the evening & nights with a decent moon for light.  And, again, we may be out there with another boat, which is great. Once we get through that first day, I'll be a happy clam (pun intended) with possibly getting to snorkel around for scallops in the Crystal River area.  And then our last day, we intend on free diving (or snorkeling depending on which child we're talking about) the Three Sister Springs, just inland on Crystal River.  Beautiful area.

God bless & Happy Fishing,

PS: The photos are from 2009, when we swam in Three Sisters Springs out of Crystal River.  We hope to do this one of the days we're over in the Gulf.

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