Thursday, July 19, 2012


by Robin

Lists, lists, lists..... I finish shopping for one list and by the next day, I have another list to do.  My goodness, there is so much to pack for our boating adventure!!

Friday, I'm doing my food & battery shopping for the trip.  When Jack comes home, we load everything up.  Today, I ran errands in the morning and packed all the snorkel/dive gear in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I still have one eye on all the radar & prediction weather maps. We should have excellent weather Saturday but our rain chances go up on Sun & Monday.  We may have to cancel our offshore fishing trip but do a second day of scalloping instead.  Or whatever.  Ya never know!

One thing is for sure, all 4 of us are totally excited about our underwater adventures. 


Oh my..... back to my lists..... do I have enough glow sticks and D batteries??  Sunblock.  Do NOT forget sunblock. Or the fishing licenses.  And regulations I printed out.  Sigh.

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