Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Jack got an invitation to fish with his friend & coworker out in the Gulf of Mexico.  The plan is to head out to the 30 - 35 mile point and stop for some night fishing & rest.  Then, if the weather holds, head to the Middle Grounds to finish fishing the next day.  Then, they would have a long haul back in and 3 hr drive back home. 

There is a lot to pray & consider with such a great opportunity.  The Middle Grounds are a full 85 miles from shore.  There is no help once you get out that far.  Jack would have to feel very confident about his friend's boat & engines (which I believe he does). 

See, it is approx 80 miles due west of Tarpon Springs, FL. (just north of Tampa)


I've linked you up a nice article from Florida Sportsman Article on Middle Grounds.

Also, below I have linked for you a nice video of some great fish being caught in the Middle Grounds.

So, keep an eye on the blog over the next few days.  I will give more details as we learn them.

Happy Fishing.

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