Thursday, June 28, 2012

HUMILITY LESSON in Fishing Advertising

by Robin

Ok, I know you must be wondering how I can find a lesson in humility in a fishing trip?  I can AND did!!

This truck is bragging about IGFA World Records.  I'm sure it is a big selling point for their clients.  And possibly, they have some IGFA records (that I didn't bother looking up for this blog).  See how he's sporting a nice tripletail in his logo? I'm sure he's a fine fisherman and this is not to put him or his business.  I'm just saying this is what I saw as I looked over the right side of my boat.


But, I couldn't help but notice that the man who did hold the IGFA record (I think, State) for tripletail was on the left side of our boat.  His record was broken a few years back but he still holds the Port Record for tripletail. 40?? lbs.  Small, unassuming craft.  A little man with a very quiet personality, pulling fish after fish out of his box. 


Each of these fish is 15- 20 lbs!!  He was telling me his commercial limit was 10 and sure enough, he was limited out.  What a talent.  I can tell you that the day was not condusive for sight-fishing these on calm waters.  This man worked buoy after buoy.  He said they ate a variety of things.  There was no bragging.  He didn't even take the time to look up at me when replying.  He was all about making a living from the sea and getting home to his land life.


If I had a choice between the two boats to take a charter from, it would be the latter.  This man must have a library full of knowledge on fishing. I could always use some pointers on tripletail fishing when I can sight-fish for them.

So, that is my 2nd lesson on not judging a book by its cover.  It's the quiet humble ones that sometimes have the fullest fish boxes.

Happy Fishing,

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