Monday, June 25, 2012


We were fortunate to have Guy Harvey visit our Ron Jon's Surf Shop at Cocoa Beach.  He's most famous for his popular t-shirt & artwork featuring various saltwater fish.  I don't go anywhere down here without seeing somebody wearing his clothing line.  But for me, he's also interesting because of his love of photography, painting and science in various fisheries.  He has a passion for conservation & sharing his love for marine life with the world.  That is something I can relate to.


So, with various weather changes and scheduling conflicts, Jack ended up taking our neighbors out fishing on Sunday (June 3rd) while the kids and I attended church in the morning.  Then, I took off to see Guy Harvey by myself.  God blessed me with an upfront-free parking spot which is nearly impossible in that city block.  I ran in with 10 minutes to spare and guess what?  The line was closed off for meeting him.  Oh well.  So, I gawked and took these couple pics while I watched him sign other people's shirts.  He seemed like such a nice man.  But, also, it seemed like an obligation he was politely fulfilling and that meaningful conversation I wanted to have about photographing & painting ocean life would never pan out. 


That's when I beat feet out of there.  I got a newspaper and parked it by the docks to be available for Jack whenever he rolled into port with the boat & guys.  These guys didn't have any idea about loading a boat, which stuck with me.  I'm pretty protective over my boat... Jack's boat.
I got out the newspaper, read 2 paragraphs and the text beep goes off.  It's Jack.  That wasn't a very long wait at all.  He was very happy to see me there & waiting with the trailer as he drove to the docks.  It seems that his friends were very seasick.  Jack caught some nice fish but the other guys weren't able to do much other than lay their heads down.  I'll have to blog on that another day.

God bless & Happy Fishing,

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