Monday, June 25, 2012


by Robin

This was the trip that was on/off-again multiple times.  Finally, Jack had a clearing in the weather and while he doesn't like to fish on Sundays, they took off.  It was Jack's second to last day of vacation and the seas finally flattened out.  Plus, he was working with two other men's work schedules, one military and one medical. 


Well, like I told you in my Guy Harvey post, they both became very seasick on the trip.  They're brothers but I'm not sure which is older than the other.  Mr. R was VERY sick and couldn't even pick his head up the entire trip except to vomit.  Mr. M did a little bit better.  Couldn't fish at all, but he did drive the boat so Jack could pick up this beauty (below).  Jack also caught a couple porgys for the kids to have fried up.

Back on land, Jack dropped Mr. R off at his house.  He had to crash & burn.  Mr. M stayed with us to clean fish & wash the boat down.  I have to say that M is a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes, people with many tattoos make me nervous.  Not Mr. M.  We've known him a couple of months now and he is just the nicest person you'd want to meet.  He dotes on his nieces & nephew like they were his own babies.  His dog is treated like a queen.  He works with the sick and elderly.  He's so friendly and easy-going.  Jack invited him to eat supper with us.  He told us stories of how he was once homeless and how grateful he is for every day & blessing now. Really, there was nothing at all intimidating about him once I looked beyond the ink saw his heart.


And let me tell you, he took half this mahi home.  Some, he gave to Mr. R who's wife grilled it to perfection, like a steak.  Mr. M took his portion home and ate the whole thing raw.  (He's a much bigger sushi fan than I am!)  Regardless of how you eat it, it is always nice to have friends appreciate good fresh fish and see all the cool things we get to see regularly out on the ocean.  It's just a shame that they didn't know how sensative they were to motion sickness before they realized that they were landlubbers.

Btw, I love Jack's beard in this picture.  He's my Ernest Hemingway.  I hated when it had to go away for work reasons.  Maybe I'll see it again in the winter.

Happy Fishing,

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