Monday, January 02, 2012

Lures & Flys (or is that flies?)
by Robin

Seas are going up to the 12 ft range and gale force winds expected to show up at midnight. Yuck! The good news is that we may have low seas again next weekend. Cross your fingers, eyes, toes and make your puppies say their prayers!


In the meantime, Jack bought some more lead & circle hooks today. He was tying little "flys" (or is that flies?) on the backside of them so we could go catch a bunch more trigger & porgy next time out.

He also discovered a nasty smell in his lure bag. Somebody (that would be me) left some squid on a jig and it sat for close to 72 hrs, in the lure bag, and was quite ripe! Massive cleanout ensued. Jack cleaned his lures while he was also cleaning the bag & lure boxes. Good task to do in the winter while we're in-between those cold fronts.

My glow-in-the dark jig on the left was the culprit for the BIG STINK!


God bless & stay indoors! Florida is going to be near freezing temps this week.


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