Thursday, December 29, 2011


by Robin

I'm doing some homework on the latest reports, which are far & few between. So, it looks like the mahi mahi are running south through the Gulf Stream. Nice size ones. The only problem is getting the full 26-30 miles out there and finding some nice color change & weedlines. Christmas mahi were caught between 250-380' deep.

A couple weeks ago, there were stories of cobia being on the cutting tables, caught off of Port Canveral waters.

The Pompano are also running from now until March (or so). They love the cold water. I see reports coming out of Playalinda and as far south as Sebastian Inlet for the pomps. Best way to fish them are with clams or sand fleas, but supposedly, they're even hitting dead shrimp in Playalinda. I saw a pic with a pink wiggle jig but our tried & true double-jig usually has a yellow piece on it. I love catching pompano and better yet, love eating them.

The whiting & blue runners are also hitting hard at Playalinda on cut mullet, dead shrimp. If I wasn't prepping tomorrow for Saturday's offshore trip, I'd probably do my best to make it out to the beaches and surf fish for some of these favorites.

Also, the large flounder are being found in Port Canaveral & Sebastian Inlet. They love the incoming/slack tide, eating a live finger mullet. Nice black drum can also be easily caught from the sides of the inlets.

Love winter fishing because many of the fish are coming inshore to us because they are seeking the warmer, shallower waters. That reminds me, I've been seeing really nice pictures of Gag groupers (HUGE) that are being caught in the 90 ft range. I've also seen a few Red Snapper pics that look like their in the 18 lb+ range. It is a big shame that they have to be thrown back. Supposedly, they are said to be overfished, but all reports I'm reading say the fishermen are having to weed through all of them to find 1 or 2 grouper. One fisherman said he threw back one over 26" long. They are taking over the reefs and wrecks. It is such a joke every time I hear somebody say they are overfished. I wish I could take all those people fishing, offshore, and then let me hear their new opinion of what they see, not what they heard.

So, that is my report for the week. Fishing days seem to be sparse in the winter, BUT, the fish are always hungry in the winter. I can't wait to go offshore and see what we can bring home. I need to start praying now!

Happy Fishing!


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