Wednesday, December 14, 2011

by Robin

I don't think I've ever neglected my blog so much since its inception. In short, I haven't been fishing since August........... until Monday hit. I might as well have gone out in a hurricane since we had small craft advisories. I thought if we stayed close to shore, we could still work some spots by rocks & walls. Nope. The anchor wouldn't hold anywhere we tried. First Choice has such a high profile, we caught every gust of wind. What a mess! We caught NOTHING but a lot of rain on our clothes.

I will have to do my best to come back & post up some pictures of that weather.

The good news is that the weather may be clearing over the weekend. I'd love to get back out there again. Fishing has been slow for everyone, but I did hear one report of cobia a couple weeks back. Flounder are back in season, too. Black sea bass & vermillion are closed for several months for spawning season.

New legislation has been introduced into the Senate about insisting good science back all these closures that we keep fighting. We'll see if it even gets addressed before SAFMC will take another vote December 31st.

God bless! I'm still alive.

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