Sunday, July 10, 2011

by Robin

You can't fish every weekend. Some weekends, you have to fix all the things that salt air corrodes & breaks. You have to give your boat a good look under the hatches & cowling.

Three of the six lights on the boat were needing new fuses, bulbs or some sanding on the corrosion spots. I'm happy to report that all are in good working order for the next time that we want to go out for an evening cruise. We have begun doing some research on LED lights to replace all these other lights in the near future. I would love some colorful running lights for moonlight mangrove snapper fishing during the summer.

Jack repaired a broken door latch. I tightened down some screws that had worked their way back out with the vibrations of the engine.

Maintenance day is also good for discovering issues before you get out onto the water. While we were running the engine to flush out the saltwater (after being dunked in the water to fill with fuel), we saw that our water pump was giving out. Sure enough, it died right before our eyes. Jack will have to go back tomorrow to fix that before his sister gets here this weekend.

In the back hatch, I noticed some cables were looking very bad. Jack said that it was a very serious issue that would have to be addressed quickly. It is always better to find these things now and not have something go wrong when you're offshore.

God is good and I am thankful for His provision over our family hobby.
Happy Fishing,
PS: Be sure to return next week to see what fish we catch with Aunt Sandi.

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