Tuesday, July 05, 2011

by Robin

We started at low tide, so it was incoming while we were out there. The moon was just a sliver past New Moon. Fished from 3:30pm until 7:45 pm on 6 dozen live shrimp.

We're always greeted by one of these...


They make into awesome patties served with mashed potatoes. LOL. Just kidding.

Here is first fish of the day - an undersized Red Fish (1 spot, covered), released to grow up.

Then, same kid - keeper Mangrove Snapper, 2nd fish.


See the cruise ship in the background. I nearly sucked all the water out and pulled our boat into the rocks in a split second. Talk about SCRAMBLING!! I have a whole blog I can write up on that.

Anyhow, I think Jack brought in several small Mangroves that were released. I brought in the next keeper Mangrove that was slightly larger than my eldest's.

I also caught & released these two interesting fish.

Skate, which is a first for our boat.


Jack Crevelle, not to be confused with my Jack. Nice fight, but terrible table food.


At some point, I had a revelation....I figured out that I had too much drag on my line and the bigger fish were rocking up before I could get them coming to the boat. Once I changed that.... it was game on. Below is a Black Drum, but I also had a similar size Sheepshead. As Jack said, I was pissing off the guys in the two boats around us. I outfished them. I never got a picture of my large Sheepshead.


Little man, here, didn't participate for much the day until we convinced him that these were fish he could handle. He no sooner put the shrimp in the water and this came up. It is a Sheepshead, which had to be released due to regulations. Sheepshead are very soft bait-biters, so when our son pulled him in, it was joyous for us. They can be tricky to catch and he did very well. (I love their convict stripes. Mine had that too.)


Jack had his share of fish to catch. Most of them were released except for two black margates. He even got a baby barracuda. The colors on him were very cool.


I took this photo as the sun was setting and glowing on his face. He was so proud of me for catching all those fish. On the 19th, it will have been 19 yrs since our first date. This photo captures his personality very well.


Company is coming in for the last shuttle launch. Must run & clean house.

Happy Fishing!! The seas have been wonderful here. Lots of mahi, sailfish, wahoo, grouper have been caught this holiday weekend.

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