Friday, April 08, 2011


Brought to you by Robin

We haven't been out fishing in a couple weeks, as Jack is recovering from being close to having pneumonia. So, we are living vicariously through other folks fishing trips this spring. We have planned to take lots of vacation in May to fish.

This all works well for me since the kids and I are in our final month of schooling and we do our nationalize testing at the end of the month.

Below, is a picture of manta ray breaching the water. Rays love to do sommersaults and flips. The photo was taken by Tim Altman, who is a very successful Captain for Fin Freak Offshore Charters.


Next is a cool video off the Port Canaveral waters from a fisherman who came across a large school of manta rays. They were successful in catching several cobia that swam with the rays.

Today, the seas are picture perfect. I expect a lot of good fishing reports over the weekend. We will be busy with a couple things. Our son's AWANA Grand Prix derby car runs Sunday afternoon. Maybe Monday, if the weather holds, we'll get out and grab a cobia for ourselves.

Happy Fishing!!

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