Wednesday, April 14, 2010

by Robin

Oh, how I wish this was about pirate's patches; but, sadly, it is not. Or patching up a hole in one's jeans; but, it's not that either.

It's about the beach. And I'm putting it here because this is my private, safe place. I absolutely hate going to the beach and be able to pick how many girls are on b.c. patches. Are they not even remotely conscious of ......... I'm speechless....... Do they have no..... I can't figure out how to end my sentence.......... This may be a first...... *ever*....... in my life.

Trust me, I was no saint before Jesus changed my life. But, I'm not sure about this. Kinda like tacky advertisement, ya know? Kinda like that flying banner that every single man (married or not) was staring at in the sky. No....... I'm not going there. One problem at a time. ha ha.

Ok, I'm going back to crawl in a hole with all my germs & various medications. I just had to say something since I saw a commercial.

Happy Fishing!! I hope to be out there on Monday.

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