Wednesday, April 14, 2010


by Robin

I kid you not. I was reading the fishing reports on the Florida Sportsman Fishing forums and some guy writes a post saying, "I got in my bote for some fishing....."

Dude, I understand those who are not natural spellers get the short-end of the stick. I live with one, if not two of them. I have a lot of sympathy and patience in this area. I totally understand being illiterate, but I don't think that applies here since he wrote an entire paragraph. But, there are wonderful features like spell-check. Reference a dictionary or at least a fishing magazine. Whatever. But please...... don't expect even the worst of spellers to take you seriously when you spell boat bote on a fishing website. That's just wrong.

(I'm not always this picky or grumpy like I've been the last 2 posts. I blame the ear, throat and eyeball pain. When will this pollen leave us??)

Happy Fishing!

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