Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PORT CANAVERAL - WINDY & Sea Temps 68 deg!!
by Robin

We've had nothing but 3- 10 ft seas for weeks. I'd sure love a break in the weather in order to get out there and look for cobia this year.

Meanwhile, Jack has been keeping himself busy out in the garage with little boat projects to pass the time.

Meet our boat's alternator....


Here are our guys taking it apart. Jack likes to teach our son how things work mechanically. I hope he can change my oil one day when I'm very old & gray.


Anyhow, here is our eldest demonstrating what they were looking for. Brushes. It doesn't look very brush like at all. But, it is. Jack was very happy with how much "life" it had left and put the alternator back together. (Aww, I just noticed my big gas-guzzling suburban is in the background. Love that truck.)


The next weekend, he worked on painting touch-ups on the hull. He also took off the front bunk that has been falling apart. Yes, on a 1- yr old trailer. It's our bad. I guess we put too much pressure on it with loading the boat back onto the trailer. I'm still getting used to where we want to sink the trailer for loading & unloading.


I'm really hoping that I'm going to have some big fish pictures on here very soon. I'm very ready to fish. I've even been working weights & exercising more to build up my stamina.

Happy Fishing!

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