Friday, March 26, 2010

by Robin

I forgot to share this with many of my family, but a month ago, we received a precious piece of Jack's history. We now have our first picture of Jack's paternal grandfather. His name was Arthur and he grew up in the Keys. His boat was in a boat slip next to the man on the right. The other man's grand-daughter sent our extended family the picture.

You see, fishing is in both Jack and my histories. I grew up fishing on the Great Lakes (region) with my Dad and Jack's grandfather was quite the fishermen too down in Tropic waters.

Below, you see him (left) with a Sawfish, but we heard rumored that he held a billfish record for a while. I would absolutely love to find confirmation of that.


Thanks for indulging me with a trip down Memory Lane.

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Genny said...

What a great memory. He was very handsome too.