Sunday, September 14, 2008

by Robin

Yeah, I'm double-posting today.

On Thursday, we thawed out some grouper fillets that were frozen back early August. Remember that sailfish & 25 lb Warsaw grouper, plus some pretty mahi? Well, we fired up the grill and Jack worked the seasonings to perfection while I got to work on the stove.

I have a butter bean soup that I just love. It's on the back of the Bush's butter bean can. In short, finely chop celery, carrots, onion, 3Tbl EVOO - cook 'til soft. Add 4 c water, 2 cans beans (I did not drain because I love those flavors), 1 can diced tomatoes, fresh basil (from garden) and warm. Then I slowly added 3 Tb all-purpose flour in to thicken the soup. Yum! Oh and I think I added lots of salt & pepper to taste. Do not skip the tomatoes. That adds so much flavor too.

Then, for my drink, I have a favorite concoction. 50-50 cola & cran-apple juice. Then spritzer lime on top. It's sweet & full of flavor.

Then, the steaks were grilled to perfection and we had a beautiful lunch. So beautiful, I could cry. LOL Maybe that was a bit dramatic.

After lunch, Jack and I went outside to run the boat engine just to keep her in top shape. You know, I haven't fished for probably 5 weeks. I'm busy. Running kids places, teaching kids, memorizing sign language for songs, taking care of puppies and kittens. So busy, I forget about fishing. Stopping routine is hard for me because being a mommy is very cyclic. We thrive on routine to keep sanity.
BUT....... I stepped into that boat with my bare feet. I could feel the heat on my soles. I could feel the non-skid grains under each toe. I felt the engine purr and eventually, it vibrates my heartstrings to the point where I got homesick for the sea. I couldn't absorb enough sunlight on my arms. I imagined I could smell salty air running through my lungs and plenty of wind blowing my pony-tail. I was back on the water, passing the jetty rocks, waiving to the pier fishermen, heading thirty miles out, looking for breaks upon the water surface, squinting through glare only produced by the tropical sun & clear blue water. My heart pounded a little faster and adrenalin ran through my veins. I closed my eyes and I could feel the anticipation of a new morning and the hope of new stories. Who would get the first fish? What would it be? Would it look like a Chinese fire-drill on deck? Would the fish spit the hook out at boatside? I could feel and see every memory of good-fishing days flash before my eyes. I was there. No. Stop. Listen to my words. I. WAS. THERE.
I opened my eyes feeling a bit self-concious that Jack was looking at me. Had he noticed? Did I have a glow on my face?
It was a bit disappointing to look over the side of our sea-worthy vessel to see pavement and grass. There were no bait pods breaking the water's surface, just houses & parked cars. Barracuda shadows were replaced by cats hiding in the shade of car silhouettes. Oh how I longed for the ocean. I shared that with Jack and he got a big smile over his face. I knew he would understand me. We are kindred spirits that way.
I knew that as soon as this new engine is broke in on the SUV, we'll be taking our Mako to the inlet so that we may hunt tripletails off the beach. Possible wet a hook for something on the bottom. Maybe beat the heat by trolling some colorful lures off the back while staring into the foamy waves. Anything will be find with me.
Happy Fishing!!

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Angela said...

Mmm! The fish and soup look awesome!! I made some tilapia tonight and concocted a new "weeknight dinner in a flash" recipe that I will post soon. Loved it!