Sunday, September 14, 2008

450 Miles!!!
by Robin

.........left to go before we can haul our boat anywhere.

We've got to break in a new engine! Thank you God for such a beautiful blessing. AND it comes with the heavy-duty tow package. (Just what we needed.)

Our ol' reliable suburban is going to be rehomed. We sure will miss it even though we only had it for 3 years.


Angela said...

Wow, very nice!! I'm waiting impatiently until Daniel gives me his car and we sell mine. But not too impatiently, because once he does we'll have a car payment again, LOL!

Love and hugs!

Connordog said...

Very nice! Is it new?? Details!!!!

Karen said...

Wow, how beautiful. Can't wait till you give me a ride in it. Good Luck!

Sharie said...

congrats!! How great is that?! It's beautiful!